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Your home and well-being are fundamental to everything in your life. Let’s take the headache out of renting. Live in a stunning home with like-minded people who often become friends for life. Ideal locations with transport links, shops, bars and restaurants. Fully furnished, fully equipped houses waiting for you to move straight into. All bills included and superfast broadband as standard. It’s time to experience a a new way of living.

Tenant FAQs

Who will I be sharing with? Plus

Sharing a house with like-minded professionals can be fun, sociable and you can make
some amazing life-long friends. You also have a responsibility to be a great housemate. All housemates are working professionals who have been vetted by us. If you want to meet them then we’ll make an introduction where possible.

What’s expected of me as a housemate? Plus

Be kind and respectful, clean up after yourself and take the bins when it’s your turn. Simple!!
Please note that we operate a strict no-smoking, no drugs policy.

Can I have pets? Plus

No. All of our houses have a no pet policy as we have to make sure we are fair to everyone and also protect people against any particular allergy issues.

Are bills included? Plus

Yes, all bills are included in the rent – utilities, superfast broadband for streaming, communal cleaner and council tax* – subject to any change in council tax banding for the property.

How quickly can I move in? Plus

Our move in process is simple and straightforward. Referencing and tenancy admin usually take a few days depending on how quickly you can complete the application form, upload your supporting documents and get responses from your references.

How long can you hold a room for me? Plus

Once referencing is complete we can hold the room for a maximum of 1 month after the holding deposit has been paid. You can move in after this date but rent will be due.

What references will I need? Plus

We will undertake a credit check, an employment/accountants reference and current Landlord reference (if applicable). You will be emailed an online form to complete and then our referencing partners take over and will support you through the process. By law, we also have to complete a Right To Rent check.

How do I know if I qualify? Plus

You must have a UK bank account and be in receipt of an annual gross income of 30x the monthly rental. If you know your income is under this figure we can often take into account any savings you may have or utilise a guarantor to help you pass referencing. If you have a zero hours contract then you’ll need to have been employed for more than 2 months and if employed less than 12 months then you’ll need a guarantor.

What happens if I fail referencing? Plus

All is not lost, you can look at the option of paying a lump sum of rental in advance, or proceeding with a guarantor. Ultimately, the Landlord can override the referencing if he/she feels it’s appropriate. We are understanding of everyone’s situation and will always do our best to work with you to secure the room for you.

Who can be a guarantor? Plus

A guarantor is someone who agrees to pay your rent if you don’t pay it, for example a parent or close relative. If you don’t pay your landlord what you owe them, they can ask your guarantor to pay instead. If your guarantor doesn’t pay, your landlord can take them to court. Your guarantor will be referenced in the same way as you are as if they are the tenant.

  • Guarantor Requirements
  • Is a UK resident
  • Is aged 18 years or over
  • Annual income is equal to or more than 2.5 times the annual rent
  • Has no more than one CCJ up to the value of £300
  • Is not a student
  • How long is my tenancy? Plus

    Typically, your initial tenancy is just 6 months which flys by! After this we are always very flexible so you can either sign again to have the security of another fixed period which could be 6 – 12 months or you automatically become a periodic tenant which means you continue to pay your rent each month and are still bound by the same conditions of your tenancy agreement.

    How do I reserve a room? Plus

    Once you’ve viewed a room and you’d like to reserve it then we’ll send you a holding form with bank details to pay the holding deposit. Only pay a holding deposit if you’re serious about taking on the tenancy. The Holding Deposit is not refundable if you:

  • provide false or misleading information
  • fail a right to rent check
  • withdraw from the property
  • fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement. This includes providing references and proof of income/employment.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit? Plus

    Yes. This is usually £200 although may vary according to the property. The deposit is paid into the Deposit Protection Scheme where it is protected for you and is refundable subject to any deductions against damage or rent owed.

    How much is it to move in? Plus

    Once you’ve passed referencing you’ll receive an invoice to pay:

  • The deposit – usually £200 but sometimes 1 month’s rent
  • Rent from the move-in date until the end of the month
  • If you move in after the 15th of the month then you also pay the next month’s rent
    Your £80 holding deposit is deducted
  • Example

    Rent £450, move in date 16th of month:

    1. £200
    2. £225 Rent 16th – 30th (£450 x 15/30)
    3. £450 Rent for next month
    4. -£80
    Total = £795

    How do I pay my rent? Plus

    You’ll need to set up a standing order with your bank using our account details. The rent is due on the 1st of the month and where your tenancy starts on a different date your initial payment will include an adjustment to the 1st.

    What happens if my rent is paid late? Plus

    If you have an issue then please just call us and discuss this with us as we cannot help if we are unaware of your situation. Mistakes can be made that cause late payment and whilst not ideal if we know and the timescale is short we can often work with this. All further terms for non-payment of rent will be clearly listed in your tenancy agreement.

    Do I need insurance? Plus

    Your landlord has insured the building but this will not cover your personal contents. It’s always wise to insure your own belongings, especially if you have anything of value.We can provide details of insurers that specialise in professional houseshares – just ask for details.

    Who do I speak to if I have any concerns or issues during my tenancy? Plus

    We’re always here to help and offer advice throughout the duration of your tenancy with us. If we can help then we will and will always do our very best to support you. We commit to always treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves. You will be provided with phone and email contacts. We have a fast response maintenance team and emergency out of hours number.

    Who is responsible for repairs? Plus

    Unless specified in the tenancy agreement, your landlord will normally be responsible for repairs. Your landlord has a legal responsibility to adhere to, in terms of the nature and type of repairs that they are obliged to carry out, and they will also be responsible for repairing / replacing any items that are provided with the property. Your tenancy agreement may state that you are responsible for the upkeep of the garden, but the majority of our landlords undertake this on behalf of their tenants. It is still your responsibility to ensure that the property is kept clean and tidy and that any repairs or damage are brought to our attention.

    How do I end my tenancy? Plus

    You must give 1 rental month’s notice to end your tenancy after the initial fixed term has expired. To give notice just complete the form under the Tenants section of our website.

    How do I stop my rent payments after my tenancy ends? Plus

    You are in complete control of your standing order and just need to cancel it with your bank. We’ll send you a reminder to do this when relevant.

    When do I get my deposit back? Plus

    We aim to return all deposit money to you ASAP and within 10 days of check out. Once you’ve moved out:

  • We inspect the room
  • We let you know of any deductions to be made from the deposit. Deposits are usually returned in full unless there have been any damages
  • We instruct the DPS to return your deposit
  • You need to reply to an email from the DPS confirming you agree to receive it
  • The DPS pay into your account within 5 – 10 working days
  • The speed at which this money is returned can be improved if you make sure we are aware of any issues that may need resolving during your notice period and make sure the room is handed back clean or allow us to book a cleaner for you. As you can imagine it takes time to obtain quotes for any breakages etc but if we know about this earlier on we can get your deposit back without any delays.

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    Maria Luisa
    Maria Luisa
    Agradezco a Terry su paciencia y su disposition, me atendio Durante el fin de semana e hizo Todo lo posible para que yo tuviera la casa para el lunes, y lo consiguio, gracias por tu esfuerzo Maria Luisa
    Akar Sinha
    Akar Sinha
    Terry and Sam were great!! Moving in was really easy. Well managed and extremely helpful. Great job 👍🏻
    Very good experience with Confidence Property Answered all my questions and queris in a prompt and succint manor Any minor issues I had with the property were resolved straight away, or within a very quick timeframe Terry was a pleasure to workwith, and always made my time in the propertyfeel more like time at home I would highly recommend Confidence Properties services to anyone moving forward!
    Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson
    Omar Garada
    Omar Garada
    To put it simply: They are on it. Everything ran smoothly, and Terry is a pleasure to deal with. Very professional.
    Jack Thorington
    Jack Thorington
    So far moving in has been as simple as i could've hoped! From viewing the property to moving in only took 2 weeks! Terry and Sam were both very helpful and made the process as simple as possible! Will definitely be looking at staying with this company if/when i move into a new property!
    Tomas Mcconnell
    Tomas Mcconnell
    Top class was in by 2 days off application thanks to Terry. What a guy absolute ledgend help me. He deserves a promotion. What a guy🙏🙏
    Daniel Ferguson
    Daniel Ferguson
    Extremely well managed moving experience. Everything was clearly explained and all questions were answered perfectly. Terry and Sam were a great help and made it all very clean and efficient.
    james burke
    james burke
    Terry was very professional, polite and responsive .very positive experience and service
    Caroline Montgomery
    Caroline Montgomery
    I had a really positive experience, Terry was flexible and efficient with move in and the team kept me fully updated at each point of the process so I always knew exactly what was happening